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There are many roles that a caregiver has when it comes to helping a patient. These functions are the ones that a given patient may need when they cannot help themselves. Or when they are suffering from a chronic disease. When you decide to become a caregiver, you need to understand that you’d influence both negative and positive.

This means that if you’re caring for a patient or loved one who’s suffering from an illness like cancer. You can be able to do a lot of them positively. The encouragement that you give them will ensure that they can stick to the demanding treatment plan. 

They may have been given and also make use of other steps as they try to get better. You will also take the time to make sure that your patient is getting enough sleep and that they are even eating a healthy meal.

Caregivers are always part of the team

A caregiver may be part of the entire team that’s made up of the patient, friends, medical staff and family members. When you decide to become a caregiver, then you will find that you are going to be working very closely with the team as mentioned above. You will join them in doing things like:

  • Managing the side effects that tend to come with the illness that a particular patient may be suffering.
  • Making sure that they are taking their drugs properly
  • Helping when it comes to deciding if the treatment that they apply is the best or if it is working okay
  • Reporting any problems that your patient may be experiencing
  • Making sure that you notify all the relevant friends and family members  of what is going on

The above is especially so if you are a caregiver to someone who is suffering from a severe illness. You may also need to keep track of the prescriptions that your patient may take. Make sure that you know of the tests that are supposed to be done. And even make sure that the doctors always know what is going on. Doing this will help a lot especially when it comes to ensuring that there are no mix-ups as well as making sure that all their paperwork is in check.

The duties of a caregiver

Even though the responsibilities of a caregiver may vary depending on the tasks that they may have every day. There are those tasks that they still have to carry out every single day. These works are the same ones that you may be required to perform as a caregiver. In the case whereby you are either caring for an elderly loved one or your parent.

Understanding these duties will ensure that you can learn more when it comes to the responsibilities. That comes with deciding to choose a career in caregiving. You will also get to see the rewards that will occur as a result of caring for someone that you love.

Assess all their medical needs

Check and see if your parent has a prescribed medication or is in need of any pain management drugs. Sit would be a good idea to arrange a meeting with a doctor. Who will be able to assess your loved one or the person you’re caring. So that they can be able to make a medical care plan that is specifically for them. With the right therapeutic idea, you can be able to provide them with medical assistance in the comfort of their home.

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Start by preparing a care plan

Addressing the strengths and weaknesses of the person you’re caring for is an important thing. That you need to create when it comes to beginning the entire caregiving journey. By doing this, you’ll be able to determine precisely how many hours of care your patient will need.

Monitor all their medication

It is essential that you make sure that you monitor the medicines of the person you are offering care.  These will ensure that you can give them dose the right times during the day. You are also going to be able to provide any medical assistance that they may need.

Preparing of meals for them

As people start aging, food preparation starts becoming a terrible thing. Especially when you put into consideration the different kind of illnesses that old people tend to suffer. You’re also going to be the one who’ll be helping in the buying of the grocery that is needed. The preparation of meals as well as when it comes to their nutrition.

Assisting with their basic needs

You will also be the one who will be helping the person you are caring for with the basic necessities that they need on a daily basis. Some of the basic requirements include things like grooming, bathing, and toileting.


As people start to age, it may take more time for you to be able to maintain your home since you are going to start becoming less active. Providing this kind of assistance to the person, you are caring for by vacuuming, doing the dishes, taking the garbage out and many other things can go a long way into ensuring that the person you are caring for is comfortable at all times.